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The Karpet King brand is synonymous with carpet overedging (whipping) and has been at the forefront of the specialist carpet sewing machines sector for many years.


The Karpet King range of carpet sewing machines will provide you with a high quality carpet edging on all carpets, rugs, car mats, aircraft carpets and auto trimming. Whether you are a small shop looking for the KK812-M or a sample maker wishing to use the KK812-P, we have the machine that will suit your needs.


Create perfect carpet edging, with a Karpet King carpet sewing machine


If you want to see how your product will look when sewn on a Karpet King carpet sewing machine, just send us a sample of your carpet and yarn, you won’t be disappointed.


Karpet King KK812-P Carpet Sewing Machine



Heavy Duty Carpet Overlocking Machine



Carpet Overedging Machine

Karpet King KK812-AERO Carpet Sewing Machine



Aircraft Carpet Serger


Karpet King KOMPAKT Portable Carpet Sewing Machine


Portable Carpet Whipping Machine

Karpet King K103 Carpet Sewing Machine


Carpet Overlocker